Category: Marketing Monday

Category: Marketing Monday

3 Marketing Lessons from the Minor Leagues
(It really isn’t bush league, and there is a lot of bacon!)

Like many entrepreneurs, even when I do take time away from the business, I am still thinking about my business. I recently went to a baseball game at a local Minor League ballpark that sparked some ideas on marketing that I want to share, hopefully it can inspire you with some ideas for making your business bloom.

Lesson #1: Connect with your target audience (don’t swing and miss)

When marketing or advertising your business you want to find a way to have prospects relate and really connect to your message or product.

The game I went to recently featured a rehab appearance of a starting pitcher for the Phillies who was getting tuned up to rejoin the major league team. Cleverly, the team (Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs) had worked in an advertisement when announcing the starting pitchers for the game for a local Physical Therapy company. This is a great way to tie together the sponsor and the event, since often rehab appearances of a major league player can spark higher attendance, even if they don’t get your ad shown at every game at least it gives them good value and a solid connection. People like to relate to athletes and celebrities so when they need some physical therapy they are likely to make this connection and at least contact that local company.

A little later I was at the concession stand (getting more bacon to clog my arteries…more on that later) and heard … ‘this foul ball brought to you by’ and I was thinking they are just desperate to sell any advertising spot possible. I didn’t feel this was something that would really connect with people, but the sponsor was getting their name mentioned at least and combined with an ad they had on the outfield wall it could build their branding and they might reach some people looking for their services, especially if they were currently in the market for them. It was not memorable except for the fact that it seemed over the top, quite a stretch, however you want to put it.

Lesson #2: Make it Memorable (I mean so they remember your product or company name!)

While watching the game there was an exciting play where the home team threw out a player trying to steal second base. Then comes a promotion…”this caught stealing brought to you by”…in my mind I was thinking this team is just selling ads to everyone and throwing them in at the most inappropriate times; until I heard the sponsor was a Bail Bond company. That combination of the logical connection in a surprising way created a memorable promotion. By the way that is the ad that specifically inspired this article, the use of humor and surprise can really create a memorable ad or promotion especially when it all connects together.

Making your ad or promotion memorable is critically important to success. However there is a balance and an art to marketing or advertising your business to make it memorable and also keeping it connected to your business. You probably remember a lot of funny or clever commercials where you can’t recall what company or product it was promoting.

Sometimes the connection is not there immediately but you can find a way to make it memorable. Wawa sponsors the Wawa RBI Guy , keeping the naming short and using rhyming helps to make taglines or promotions more memorable, in addition this is shown during every game for a player who comes up to bat multiple time so repetition is involved. (Marketing and Branding studies show that a typical consumer needs to hear about your business at least 5-10 times before they consider doing business with you.)

Lesson #3: Involve Your Target Audience (Promote Community and Sharing)

As we mentioned above Wawa has the Wawa RBI Guy promotion which offers a discount if the selected payer of the game had at least 1 RBI (run batted in). What really gets people involved is the use of music and the big screen to encourage crowd involvement. Instead of the normal ballpark chants (like “Charge” or “Let’s Go” it flashes “Wa” “Wa” along with music that matches the timing on the screen.) Yes this an obvious plug for a company but once it is playing in a critical part of the game and the crowd starts shouting…”Wa” “Wa” “Wa” “Wa” the branding is locked into the minds of thousands of spectators. (FYI, Wawa is similar to a 7-11 but is famous in the Philly area for having great coffee and hoagies i.e. subs/sandwiches, especially for a convenience mart.)

Another great example of involvement and overall solid marketing concept is with the Minor League team itself. The team name is the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs and to capitalize on that their concession stands offer a wide variety of pork products with bacon, bacon wrapped hot dogs, bacon toppings, bacon flavored cotton candy, pulled pork sandwiches, etc. Even if you don’t care that much for baseball, bacon lovers are drawn in for a night of pork debauchery. Don’t forget the gift shop for a bacon hat or shirt, advertising your love of bacon (and promoting the Iron Pigs).

In the same vein they also promote the hashtag #baconUSA throughout the game and show selected posts of fans that use that hashtag during the game on the big screen. This is a great way to use social media to get people to share to their networks, appeal to their ego to encourage them to promote your business. I am there are many on social media that were looking for bacon and now they know about a minor league park where they can eat bacon until their hearts are content, or until their arteries are clogged, whichever comes first.

Funny Final Tip

One final tip to go out to the team…I would reach out to a nearby Philadelphia Pharmaceutical company that makes cholesterol medicine. The ballpark has so many delicious bacon food choices that it is hard for those of use with borderline or high cholesterol to resist (I am still thinking about that deep fried bacon and wanting to go back to try the funnel cake with bacon as a topping, mmmmmmm!) Sorry getting a little distracted here…it just seems like a natural connection to promote cholesterol medication (maybe a coupon for 10 day supply of cholesterol medication when you buy 3 bacon items.)

Small Business Local Marketing

If you do live in a community with a minor league team (in any sport) and you want to connect to your community, explore the marketing or advertising option to find the right fit for you, don’t just let them through you in as one of the “foul ball” sponsors (unless you are selling chicken products and want to be a ‘fowl ball’ sponsor. Work with them to get the right promotion for your business that can connect, be memorable and involve the target audience you want to reach!

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Tips on becoming ‘Marketing Rich’, it’s not just a philosophy!

Are you Marketing Rich?

If you are not getting as much business as you would like today, there are many things you can do to become marketing rich…which will lead you towards a goal of being monetarily rich and spread your influence as well!

Marketing Rich is both a philosophy and a goal!

Marketing Rich Philosophy:
Selling the solutions and benefits that your clients and future clients need using a variety of different marketing methods. Remember people want to know what is in it for them! Until you communicate to them that you can potentially solve a challenge of theirs, they don’t care how great your product or service is.

Having the best product or service does not guarantee success. When you rely primarily on word of mouth the sales process, sure it is usually easier to close the sale, but the timing is usually inconsistent and you don’t reach as many people as you should. (I assume your goal is to help as many people as you can and/or to make as much money as you can.)

How we apply Marketing Rich (Warning…this is partly a plug for eRose Web):
With the clients I have worked with through eRose Web, I have always stressed a marketing rich philosophy (hard to believe it has been over dozen years in business). We start with your Unique Selling Proposition and create content that speaks to your current and prospective clients as well as to the search engines. Our background in marketing sets us apart from design companies focused on Artistic style or the fanciest current technology. (Enough about eRose Web for now, let’s get back on topic.)

Goal: Be Marketing Rich to Become Rich:
Obviously, the goal of business is to make a profit, while the independence and freedom of being your own boss is a great benefit of business ownership that only goes so far if you are not making enough to make it worth your time.

Marketing Rich as a goal means you not only have enough to provide a comfortable life for your family, but you have enough left over to give you more flexibility and freedom. When you achieve your goal of becoming marketing rich you can do many other things, whether you want start new ventures, give back to your community, spend more time with family, travel the world, you name it!

Note: We do Not guarantee you will become rich through marketing, however the right marketing increases success rates for most businesses exponentially.

Business Boosting Marketing Tips: “Marketing Rich” skill on Alexa (Amazon Echo)
Check out the variety of marketing tips we offer here in our blog articles, through our social media posts and tweets, as well as our Amazon Echo Alexa App called…you guessed it “Marketing Rich”

Ask Marketing Rich for a marketing tip (Alexa Skill)

Here is a sample of the types of tips we offer through “Marketing Rich” skill:

  • Update at least the home page of your website regularly. The search engines may penalize you if they see the same content on your home page for a long time.
  • Customize your email marketing to groups of prospects by area of interest. Even if you keep most of the content the same a few changes to the beginning of your email marketing that targets an interest of that prospect can significantly improve your results.
  • Ask your vendors, industry organizations, and clients to put a link to your website on theirs or to mention the great work you are doing on your social media platform of choice.
  • To develop a relationship with a social media influencer in your industry on twitter, retweet their content, add value on top of their tweets and be complimentary.
  • Have your social media pose a variety of questions to find out what sparks participation from your followers. Some may be directed to limited selection of answers, some may be open ended or thought provoking questions.

If you own an Amazon Alexa we encourage you to enable the Marketing Rich skill by going to the Alexa App or your Amazon login > Departments > Echo & Alexa > Alexa Skills (you can search for it or look under Business & Finance category) to click the Enable button. Then whenever you need a little marketing rich inspiration say…”Ask Marketing Rich for a Marketing Tip.”

A little more about us:
eRose web provides many digital marketing services with a focus on helping small businesses and Entrepreneurs to succeed. Our focus is custom websites (and customized WordPress websites) with a marketing focus, SEO, content writing, eMail marketing and Social Media Marketing integrated together for a Marketing Rich experience.

We would love the opportunity to provide a proposal to Make Your Business Bloom!

Stop and Smell the Roses…Remember to Enjoy being an Entrepreneur!


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Why should I want Pokémon Go around my small business?

Like most small business owners I don’t have time to play around with a lot of phone apps or play games on my smartphone, a game console or even on my computer. That makes it easy to be out of the loop when a new hot new trend comes out. I wanted to share some info with small business owners that may have been in that boat with me, and want just a little info on this trend to either apply it to their business, or at minimum be able to discuss it with clients and prospects, if appropriate. Further I want to emphasize the importance of mobile websites and marketing for all small businesses.

Curious to know what the latest craze “Pokemon Go” is all about and if you can get your small business increased sales and exposure through this extremely popular phone app/interactive game?

We found a couple good sources to share with ideas for small business marketing, especially if you have a retail location. The TV show on MSNBC “Your Business” did a recent feature with 5 ideas on how to get new customers using Pokemon Go:

Video: 5 ways Pokemon Go can help you get customers
MSNBC Your Business 7/22/16

“Pokemon Go is the most talked about game of the summer, and it’s time for you to cash in on this digital phenomenon by driving sales to your small business. Here are five ways to attract customers with Pokemon Go from”

If you want a more in depth description of what this trend is all about and some additional ideas on how to get involved through ads or special promotions check out this informative article on

What Is Pokemon Go and Why Your Small Business Can’t Afford to Miss This Trend?
by Joshua Sophy on

“If you haven’t seen scads of people near you seemingly chasing figments of their imagination down sidewalks, through public parks”, etc … “you’ve likely heard of Pokemon Go. Chances are, you’re currently at the stage where if someone drops a Pokemon reference near you, you laugh to appear hip and with it but you, in reality, still have no idea what anyone is talking about or what the fuss is all about.” … “No worries, though. Presumably about half or more of the adult world — and probably even fewer small business owners — know what Pokemon Go is, so here’s a primer on how it works and a bit about how it can potentially benefit your small business now and in the future.” …

“There are two central hubs within the game, PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms. While it’s hard to actually become one of these spots as a business, there are ways of benefiting from your proximity to them. A PokeStop is a central hub where Pokemon Trainers can get items to be used in the game. Pokemon Gyms are where Pokemon Trainers gather to battle their collected Pokemon. Again, these PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms are generally located in public spots and civic or community hubs, not often at individual businesses. Think: statues, libraries, train stations, fountains, lakes, gazebos, etc.” … “Your business’s proximity to a PokeStop could be a boon to you, too. There are already scads of reports of businesses near PokeStops seeing an increase in foot traffic and sales.” …

Pokemon Lure: “This is probably the most direct way of potentially directing foot traffic to your business via the Pokemon Go app.”…”
By casting a Pokemon Lure” … “you’ve suddenly become a font for Pokemon for the next 30 minutes. If the game is as popular in your community as it seems to be just about everywhere, expect people to come near your lure looking to catch some Pokemon.”

Read Full Article

While most small businesses will not take the time to develop a marketing strategy based on a trend like Pokemon Go, it is good to think about different ideas to market your business and be aware of what your clients might be interested in and cultural trends.

While Pokemon may come and Go it seems interactive smartphone apps and advertising is more and more pervasive and will not be going away anytime soon. Make sure you get your website to a mobile friendly format as soon as you can and start working in more emphasis on mobile in your overall marketing plan for the future.

Make Your Business Bloom with a website and marketing that will show your future clients all the benefits your products and services offer to them!

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Getting Found with Google…Simple as 1, 2, 3?

MarketingMonday750While Google typically plays it close to the vest on how they determine who gets highly ranked and who doesn’t there have been recent disclosures from Google that give good clues for you to optimize your website for a higher Google PageRank.

Keys to Success on Google: Content, Links, RankBrain

Content (Keyword Rich):
Our philosophy at eRose Web has consistently been to focus on quality content first with a mix of relevant keywords to each client’s industry and customer focus. It seemed logical that with Google’s stated goal of providing the best resources to its clients that this strategy would be the best for small business clients that have limited budgets where spending thousands per month on SEO was not an option. This continues to be one of the best ways in which to keep Google’s attention. Google wants to provide the best resources and content so if you have a website that provides quality tips and articles on areas related to your business you should at least be on their radar.

SEOplan350Links (Incoming):
The links we are discussing here are not the number of links you have within your website but instead the number of relevant links from other websites. By relevant links we are talking about links from websites that are related to your industry and not just paying a website with a list of unrelated web links to include your website link, even though they have completely different customers and in a completely different industry.

It is a good idea to make sure any industry organization, affiliates, chamber of commerce, etc your company is a part of has a link on their website back to your website. Ideally using a text link with both your company name and the main keywords you want your site to be found with online. Also ask any vendors you work with on a regular basis if they would be willing to add a link to your website, and/or mention your company periodically (with a link) in their social media marketing.

RankBrain (Google AI):
RankBrain is Google’s name for a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that’s used to help process its search results, this means basically that the computer teaches itself rather than following detailed programming code.

While RankBrain has been identified as the 3rd most important factor by Google currently, this is only one part of a much more complex search algorithm.

“RankBrain is one of the “hundreds” of signals that go into an algorithm that determines what results appear on a Google search page and where they are ranked, Corrado said. In the few months it has been deployed, RankBrain has become the third-most important signal contributing to the result of a search query, he said.”
Source: Bloomberg

Article from SearchEngineLand on RankBrain

Admittedly we simplify things quite a bit in this article, but this is a good starting point for the small business entrepreneur looking to improve the search ability of their website on Google. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing but if you make your goal the same as Google, to provide great content and resources, and sprinkle in a little extra strategy from time to time your website should be in good shape to compete for attention online.

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Marketing Monday, Applying ‘Buy-ology’ for Small Business Entrepreneurs

MarketingMonday750Want to improve the results of your marketing? We want to share some of the findings from the scientific approach to testing marketing, a field called neuromarketing.

Specifically some small business applications to the book Buy-ology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy, by Martin Lindstrom. While not his most recent work on the topic, I came across other marketers who recommended this book as a new classic in marketing, and found some great information to share with fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs. We touched on this a little bit before with our blog Mind Tricks to Maximize Marketing Results…

BuyologyCover375One of the main questions this book poses in a nutshell is what determines which of the overwhelming number of ads and promotions makes it into our consciousness and therefore has a high likelihood of resulting in actual sales of a product or service?

Traditional market research like surveys and focus groups do not always reflect demand and emotional reactions to a product accurately. Why? Because our brain processes so much information that often a portion of the decision-making process is in the subconscious, so if you ask the person why they bought from your competitor instead of from you, they may not even know much less be able to share that information.

“…if marketers could uncover what is going on in our brains that makes us choose one brand over another…that would be the key to truly building brands of the future. Which is why I embarked on …a three-year-long, multimillion dollar journey into the worlds of consumers, brands, and science.”
“…I soon came to see that neuromarketing, an intriguing marriage of marketing and science, was the window into the human mind that we’ve long been waiting for, that neuromarketing is the key to unlocking what I call Buyology-the subconscious thoughts feelings, and desires that drive the purchasing decisions we make each and every day of our lives.”

Many of the examples in the book involve large companies or industries along with the detailed science of how the results were found. I recommend this book if you have an interest in learning more about branding and how these results were found. I am sharing just a few of the highlights I believe can benefit small business owners and marketers specifically.

Who moved my product – product placement relevancy

An interesting finding regarding product placement in a TV show or movie is that if the product is not integral to the storyline then as much as if not more than a straight up advertisement. One of the best example of effective product placement is Reese’s Pieces in the classic movie E.T. because it was part of the story it drove sales way up. If you have an opportunity to get your product or service into a show or movie, it is best to make sure it is integral or complimentary to the storyline and not an unneccesary tangent. (Of course if the producers are including it for free, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!)

Buying is contagious!

Lindstrom also discusses what are called mirror neurons, as you likely know when someone near you yawns it often will cause you to yawn. What you might not realize is that even if you read about certain actions like yawning or grasping a pen your brain reacts the same as if you were performing that action yourself.

A couple examples of how to apply this to your small business are to make sure you and your staff present a positive happy demeanor, while it may be common sense to you to smile when working with customers it actually does have scientific evidence behind it to create better results. Another interesting example is for businesses offering a product is to show one of your clients excitedly opening the package to get to the product or set it up. Believe it or not there are entire video sharing websites dedicated to watching others open products, feeling the excitement vicariously through others. (And hopefully creating the desire for them to recreate that themselves after buying your product.)

Creating or tapping into rituals and superstitions

I found it hysterical when Michael (played by Steve Carell) from the US TV show “The Office” says he is not Superstitious, he is just a little ‘stitious’ …but after reading this book I see now that it reflects more than just a funny line. It reflects the truth for many people, outwardly they say they are not superstitious or prone to following rituals but that is often driven by our subconscious minds so many if us don’t realize the extent of our cultural rituals and superstitions and how they affect the buying decision-making process.

A great example of a brand with a ritual are Oreo cookies. Most people will eat Oreo cookies in one of 2 ways … by prying them apart, licking the white frosting center and then eating the wafers…or by dunking a whole cookie into milk and then eating intact. Think about your product or service are there creative ways you can come up with for customers to create a ritual after purchase? Maybe a pairing to something that is already popular? Something that enhances the enjoyment or efficiency of your product or service?

Consumer, come to their senses

Much of the advertising today is focused around one sense – sight. Visuals are everywhere from logos to billboards and banner ads, the neuromarketing research has determined that it is much more effective to engage more than one sense at the same time. Retail stores can try to add a familiar (and positive scent) ideally may spark a childhood memory like using a vanilla scent or a subtle floral scent.

Jingles or music along with a logo can be very effective, a good example of that is Nationwide with their recent ad campaign focused on people hearing or humming their jingle in every aspect of their life.

Sex sells…wait I forgot what product it was selling

There were interesting findings in the area of using sex appeal to sell products and services. It has long been established that sex sells, or does it? While approximately 1/5th or more of ads use sex to sell their products and services, the scientific findings from buyology indicate that most times the sex appeal is a distraction from the product causing less recall of the items being promoted. The ones with the most success typically reach that success due to the controversy associated with the ad campaign. Prompting a wider discussion of the company and product beyond the ad.

The good news for small business is that this also applies to beauty, you don’t need to hire that aspiring model for your advertising, people want to be able to relate to the product. Most products are not geared towards the supermodel target audience, but instead to real people with everyday looks and interesting personalities. As with everything there are exceptions especially if the mirror neurons we mentioned before are involved to convey the feelings involved when using sex or beauty, but again the goal is to connect with your target audience in some way.

Choice Overload – Simplify to Sell More!

“…studies have shown that the more choices we have the less money we spend.”

It sounds counterintuitive but the brain is inundated with so many things that when you make it easier for your potential customer to analyze just a few things the better the chance you have in getting them as a client. While it is good to offer flexibility and a variety of options, target specific products or services to specific audiences and keep it simple to get them in the door so to speak. Then for recurring sales feel free to inform them of a few more of the options you offer, then a few more. Give them some bit sized pieces to help them and grow your relationship.

Lindstrom contends that about 90% of the buying process is subconscious and while this may be true, you don’t need to have a huge budget to analyze the neuromarketing effect of all your decisions. Like any marketing test different things on a smaller scale and see what brings results to your bottom line. Expand the products or marketing that work and keep testing new products and marketing. You may not be able to read their minds, but if you are improving your sales, then you must have engaged their minds in a positive way. Keep up the good work!

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3 Tips on Re-Naming or Re-Branding Your Small Business

MarketingMonday750When you either buy a new business or decide you want to shift the focus of your business, you may want to consider a name change and rebranding. If you have decided that rebranding is the way to go to change the perception of your small business you want to make sure to keep the customers the business has worked hard to attain and maintain.

Recently MSNBC’s Your Business put a spotlight on a business that did it in a way that worked best for their needs. There are many different rebranding situations so their techniques may not work for you but there are lessons we can all learn from their success.


Lesson 1: Plan, Plan, Plan
Make sure that when you do rebrand you are working smart and know how you want to transition to the new name or brand.

Lesson 2: Involve your Community
A good way to make sure not to alienate your existing and future customers is to involve them in the name change or rebranding. Social media is a great way to propose some ideas, let your community of followers know why you want to make the change and listen to their feedback. (You are not going to satisfy everyone but you can start creating the buzz and might get some good ideas that your team would not have created.)

Lesson 3: Promote the Transition
Make sure that you inform every one of the change while reassuring them that not only will your products or services still solve their problems, but now it will be more efficient in doing so. I loved the way they did it in the featured video of both a tagline for a while “formerly” and old name as well as the “Our Roots Stay The Same” allowing their current customer to know while some things are being improved the core is still intact. Find a creative way to reassure your target audience that this is not a brand new thing but instead is an improved version of an existing success.


Please add to the conversation, if you have changed your brand or business name what are the strategies you found successful or other helpful lessons for fellow Entrepreneurs?

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Marketing Monday – Tips and Ideas for Small Business

The goal of Marketing Monday is to share articles, tips and ideas for Entrepreneurs to apply to their business. We encourage discussion and your ideas on what information would be useful to help you make your business bloom.

Over the last few months we have included topics such as Online Reviews, SEO and SMM, Trade Show Marketing Tips, ‘Youtility’ for Small Business, How to use color in your logo and marketing, and exploring the consumer mindset. We hope these have been informative and helpful towards growing your business.


Please contribute to the conversation with ideas from your business and the things you are doing differently that have been successful so we can all learn and grow together.

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Marketing Monday for the American #Entrepreneur, articles and tips that #MakeBusinessBloom…

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eRose Web and Business Services will continue to share ideas from experts and fellow business owners throughout America so we can all learn to become more successful and Make Business Bloom.

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Marketing Monday – Mind Tricks to Maximize Marketing Results

MarketingMonday750Attract and Engage your target audience the right way with some tips and tricks by learning a little more about the human brain and how it responds consciously or unconsciously to your marketing efforts.

We want to share a good article we found at Entrepreneur Magazine ( to help you continue to improve your marketing efforts for your Small Business.

6 Secrets About the Human Brain That Will Make You a Better Marketer
Knowing how the mind processes information and images can help you send the right message.
By Ann Handley, August 28, 2015

“Knowing how the human mind processes information and images—and putting that knowledge to use—can help you become a more engaging and effective marketer.”

“Researchers in a new(ish) field of study are trying to figure out how our hard-wired preferences affect the decisions we make. Neuromarketing research is ‘the systematic collection and interpretation of neurological and neurophysiological insights about individuals using different protocols, allowing researchers to explore nonverbal and unconscious physiological responses to various stimuli for the purposes of market research,’ according to the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association.”

“It’s critical to understand these predispositions, to know how our minds process information and images.”

Read full article at:

Some of the key points of the article are first understanding that the human brain is basically primitive you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression and that impression is typically a gut instinct so make sure you can get your message across quickly and without much thought involved initially. Which leads into the fact that brains process about 90 percent visually so make sure you use a good image as part of your content whether it be an article, post, video, or any other marketing option. When using images it is important to use faces to get people to connect and also to consider the right colors for your message. (See another blog article we did on colors and their message.)

Labels and word choice are also critical to the initial emotional response to your small business marketing. Consider the perception especially on the key words you use. Another trick is to incorporate the innate human desire to belong as part of your community building and calls to action.

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Marketing Monday – Online Reviews…Should Small Business Respond?

MarketingMonday750Should I respond to a bad online review? That is a question many small business owners and entrepreneurs ask. Along with the best strategy for responding to online reviews.

Getting a bad review online is probably not the end of the world, and it can even turn into a positive if properly handled. Before the dawn of the Internet you most likely would not know when someone was dissatisfied with your product or service, they just would not be a repeat customer. While it never feels good to receive criticism (especially in a public forum) it does offer an opportunity that you may not have had to win back that client or to demonstrate your excellent customer service to potential customers.

In fact some consumers see a product with absolutely no bad reviews and that makes them skeptical that maybe none of these reviews are real. No product or service is perfect and showing a few critical reviews may be helpful. This is true especially if there are many more positive reviews of the key features of your product or service or they see you have addressed the concerns and it will likely not be an issue going forward.

On a recent episode of MSNBC Your Business they presented a segment on this topic that had some additional helpful advice from fellow small business owners and experts.

As they discuss in the video the key to success is engagement, but before you engage make sure you are calm…don’t respond angry or in a defensive manner. Always take the high road with your response and be positive! If possible offer a solution.

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Marketing Monday – Logo colors and what they say about your company.

MarketingMonday750The proper branding of your small business can often make a difference in your overall results, especially as you are getting started or undertaking a big marketing campaign. We ran across a short but helpful article with a great informative graphic that helps break down colors, fonts, and shapes in regards to how they are typically interpreted by people. Remember people usually make a buying decision based on emotion (and then later they back up their decision with the facts.) It is critical to make the right emotional connection with your prospects especially in these days where social media networks drive much of the business.

What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company (Infographic)
By Catherine Clifford from

“If you are building a company that depends on making people feel sexy and sophisticated, it’s probably going to confuse your consumers if you your logo is bright green.”

“That’s because different colors are associated with different feelings. Green conveys organic growth, the earth, nature, or feelings of caring. Meanwhile, black communicates feelings of sophistication, authority or seduction. Not convinced? Consider the green logo for Starbucks or Greenpeace and the black logos of Chanel or Sony.”

Review this interesting article with some powerful Infographics that help really explains how this is applied by many successful organizations…

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