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Category: Marketing Monday

Marketing Monday – Social Media Marketing at Local Meetup Group

MarketingMonday750This Thursday Ed Rose, the owner and founder of eRose Web will be giving a presentation summarizing social media marketing options and strategy for small business. This event was coordinated by David Beruh of Santander Bank and is open to all those interested in attending.

More Details and RSVPs at

Date: Thursday August 13th, 2015
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Location: 125 S Providence Road, Media PA 19063

We hope you are able to join us for this informative presentation and conversation.

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Marketing Monday – Effective Trade Show Marketing Tips

MarketingMonday750Yes we are online based marketing firm but we admit Marketing is not all about the online presence (although we believe it is a major part for most businesses.) With that said we want to share a little bit of info about Marketing at Trade Shows from our past experience.

Selecting the Trade Show right for you…
Know your target market and the target audience of the trade show you are considering, make sure there is enough overlap to ensure your time and money is well spent before you commit to a trade show.

Cost of being an Exhibitor at a Trade Show and ROI
Trade shows vary widely in the amount they charge for a table or display area, make sure you have given careful thought to the likely return on investment you expect to get from any show you consider. Remember to keep in mind the other costs involved besides the space. Making sure you have up to date and professional signs & displays, ample supply of business cards and promotional items, an attention grabbing drawing or prize to encourage more prospects to share their information. Also make sure you take into account the time needed for preparation, and that you own a pair of comfortable dress shoes (see below for more info on this).

Grab Attention
As we mentioned above plan to have a drawing or prize that can grab attention and ideally that is relevant to your industry or target audience. Great signage can create interest as well as promotional items that are unique and provide something your prospects will value enough to keep (even better if it is something they might have on or near them when it comes time to make a purchasing decision.) Look professional, I know suits are hardly ever worn anymore but this is an occasion where they still make sense.

B2BShowOutFront350‘Working’ the Trade Show
Here is where the comfortable dress shoes come in handy…do not sit behind your table and expect people to just read your signs and automatically sign up for your products or services. Stand in front of your exhibit and greet people as they walk by, engage them with questions, tempt them with giveaways or drawings.

When you decide to do trade shows give it your all!
Be there early and stay late, there have been many trade shows where my competitors started packing up their exhibits as much as an hour or two before the end of the event. I stayed open and I got the extra 2 or 3 leads from the few people that couldn’t make it earlier. There is a schedule that attendees count on, show your professionalism by committing to the entire time of the show.

Follow up!
Don’t lose all the time and effort you have put in to this point, whatever your sales process is make sure you are regularly following up with the leads you get from the event. Have a plan in place with a schedule of follow-up calls and emails, connecting with them on social media. Make sure to thank them immediately after the event for their interest as well as a short time later to find out more details about potential interest in your services or products.

If you are in the Philadelphia Area check out the eRose Web & Business Services table at the following events:
Delaware County Chamber of Commerce – 2015 Business Trade Show
Thursday, August 06, 2015 from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Concord Country Club
1601 Wilmington Pike
Chadds Ford, PA 19382

Ardmore Initiative & Ardmore Business Association B2B Tradeshow
August 18, 2015 from 8:30am-11AM
Ardmore Music Hall
23 E. Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, PA 19003

We encourage you the Entrepreneur to contribute to the conversation with ideas on what is working for your business and how you may be doing things different, so we can all learn and grow together.

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Stop and Smell the Roses…Remember to Enjoy being an Entrepreneur!

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Marketing Services for Businesses and Brands During All Stages of Business Growth.

WeMarketingMonday750 have been asked for more details about the Lightbulb Infographic we have been featuring on the website home page. This lightbulb with our logo represents the creative marketing services that eRose Web & Business Services provides, and the various colors represent the different stages of marketing and business growth and development.smallbusiness-image

We will review these stages here from the bottom of the lightbulb (Startup/Planning) to the top (Success) and as always we welcome your questions and feedback.

Branding ideas for logos, print, and web design to market for the future

The planning stage of a business, brand, product or new service requires more of a strategic focus to think ahead of where the road map for success lies in the long term; with custom logos, business card designs, product packaging designs, web packages for service or product focused SEO, and much more to help get you ready to spread the word about your venture.

Web design that is responsive on all screens and devices including smart-phones

Once you have determined the branding for your business it is critical to put forth a professional image that works well on all types of technology where people would look for your business. There are various screen sizes and different browsers interpret websites in unique ways, but Google remains the dominant search engine. For mobile devices like smartphones you need to make sure text is readable, buttons are easy to use, and you should consider that Facebook has gained considerable ground on Google for how websites are found. On launch it is important that you at least have your corporate pages set up on the major social media outlets like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and possibly others like Pinterest depending on the type of business you own.

Promote your new or redesigned website by adding Social Media and eMail Marketing

Now that you are officially in business or have launched your new line of products or services you need to spread the word, while an SEO optimized or at least keyword rich website can help get you started, a combination of strategies is usually required for optimal results. Combining Social Media and eMail Marketing and connecting them with your website is a great way to get your message out.

Constantly add new marketing outlets, expand your SEO and SMM

As you become profitable it is critical to continue to reinvest back into your own marketing. If you decide you are too busy to do marketing right now eventually this will catch up with you. It is much easier to maintain momentum in marketing, if you have to start over you likely will have to spend a lot more over the long term and still not get the results that you had been getting previously. Maintaining a steady presence on Social Media Marketing (SMM) and regular updates to your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go a long way to maintaining all the hard work you have put in as well as coordinate with any other marketing campaigns or advertising.

Communicate improvements to process, new products, added locations and services

After maintaining profitability you think about expanding your business by geography or new products or services. At this stage it is important to both maintain your profitability on the original products or locations and leverage that success with additional marketing to promote your expansion. You might consider additional SEO Landing pages, even separate social media accounts geared specifically for the expansion.

Stay ahead of your competition by evaluating and adding new marketing efforts

Congratulations you have maintained profitability and have established a significant share of your target market. Now to fend of the wolves or sharks, or whatever you call your competitors. Once you have reached the level of success you wanted for your business it may seem like it is even more difficult to maintain, much less gain more ground. It takes a great deal of marketing effort to make sure you stay ahead of all the competitors that see your success and want a piece of it.

At this level continued excellent customer service is required, including through social media and extra features on your website. Keeping top of mind in your clients and prospects minds is critical to remind them of why you are better than all the pretenders gunning for your business.

We hope that whatever stage of business you are in you consider the unique marketing that may work best to Make Your Business Bloom. Marketing is not static and what works well one year may not work as well the next. It is important to test new marketing avenues to see what works for your business and that connects you to your target audience of customers. Contact eRose Web & Business Services today at 866-912-5666 or for an evaluation of your marketing needs and a no obligation proposal with package options geared towards giving you the best value for your marketing budget.

Stop and Smell the Roses…Remember to Enjoy being an Entrepreneur!

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Marketing Monday – Youtility for Small Business to Help Customers and Grow!

MarketingMonday750I wanted to share some tips and info that can apply to any small business owners on content marketing from a great book. I have read this book several times because of the quality of ideas and strategies by leading Content Marketing and Social Marketing Expert Jay Baer…

Youtility, Why Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype
By Jay Baer @jaybaer

“Consumers expect to find answers on the Internet now, and companies that can best provide that information garner trust and sales and loyalty. Success flows to organizations that inform, not organizations that promote.”

“What if you decided to inform, rather than promote? You know that expression ‘If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime’? Well, the same is true for marketing: if you sell something, you make a customer today; if you help someone, you make a customer for life.”

“I call this Youtility. Not ‘utility,’ because a utility is a faceless commodity. Youtility is marketing upside down. Instead of marketing that’s needed by companies, youtility is marketing that’s wanted by customers. Youtility is massively useful information, provided for free, that creates long-term trust and kinship between your company and your customers.”

“The difference between helping and selling is just two letters. Those two letters now make all the difference.”

“The way customers gather information about companies and make purchase decisions has changed. Consumers’ time and attention has never been more scarce, and their suspicion of lazy interruption marketing has never been more acute. In this climate, utility is not an option; it’s necessary.”

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3 Different Types of Marketing Strategy
Top of Mind – (advertising barrages) may still work for big budgets but not small business but is less effective due to a fractured media landscape, not to mention that consumers don’t trust businesses.
Frame of Mind awareness – (reach consumers when looking to buy – active shopper mode) Inbound Marketing strategy has its merits and continues to be a valuable strategy but should be combined with other strategies due to the declining role of search engines in the discovery process.
Friend of Mine Awareness – newest form of marketing “…predicated on the reality that companies are competing against real people for the attention of other real people. ” Success relies on adding real value to your new ‘Friends’ (prospects and clients).
The New Paradigm of Youtility
One way to succeed in the ‘invitation avalanche’ of social media where everyone is asking for likes, follows, shares, +1s, etc is to have amazing content that is so much more interesting, wacky, irreverent, or timely than everyone else it can’t help but to be buzzworthy and even go viral. If you are like most small business owners you don’t have a creative team that works full time on social media (You likely have a salespeople or two that needs to spend more time focusing on closing the sale not tweeting a viral video they added to YouTube.)

A better strategy is to break through the noise, stop trying to be ‘amazing’ and be useful..add value or ‘Youtlility’ to your future clients. By adding value to potential consumers on a regular basis you become one of their go to resources for information and stay in the forefront of their minds. Either you can convince them of the value of your product before they would have decided to buy or you are the first place they go when their needs require your products or services.

3 Facets of Youtility
Self-Serve Information: Give people the opportunity to inform themselves how and when they wish…”
Radical Transparency: Providing answers to nearly every question a customer could conceivably ask – before they think to ask it.”
Real-time Relevancy: Using geolocation and other specific circumstances to become massively useful at particular moments in the life of the customer, and then fading into the background until the next opportunity to help arises.”

Self-Serve Information
The shift in consumer dynamics continues to be away from face-to-face, so much so that very few people even complete a quick web form because they don’t want to be called even if they have a genuine interest in the product, they will wait to do so until they just want to confirm their decision to purchase the product or service.

The salesperson used to be the first step in the sales process, now the salesperson typically will come into play only after the consumer is well into the process (some studies say 60%+) so they have already eliminated many providers and have a few finalists based on their own research. The salesperson today does about 90% marketing and 10% closing the sale.

Do you have to create all the unique content in order to make inroads with new prospects? Not necessarily, if you can provide access to the sources of information and be viewed as adding value to the decision making process, you should at least be in the mix of those being considered for their business!

Radical Transparency
Create customers by answering questions they have can be very persuasive.
Provide extra ordinarily detail information to your prospective customers. (The days of a short teaser with all the important details coming after they contact you are over!)

Real-Time Relevancy
Youtility is real-time relationship building. Make sure your business is available and adding value on all major social media or at least the ones where your potential clients frequent.

Your goal should be to make your content so valuable that others would gladly pay for it, or at the very least want to share it with other people they know.

While I have summarized portions of this book, there are a lot of great examples of how companies have applied these ideas that could spark a thought in your mind so I would recommend this book to any Entrepreneur who wants to Make Your Business Bloom. eRose Web also provides many services to help you market your business using website SEO and Social Media strategies that are customized to your specific business needs. We look forward to continuing the discussion on your Youtility!

Stop and Smell the Roses…Remember to Enjoy being an Entrepreneur!

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Marketing Monday – SEO and SMM, combine forces and conquer!

MarketingMonday750Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing strategies are more critical than ever and they should be combined for the most effective marketing of your small business. As we have stated in recent updates social media can no longer be overlooked by any business that wants to grow. We have found a good article that articulates the reasoning on why you need to combine your SEO and SMM strategies to help new clients find you online.

Social and SEO Work Better Together
By Yuyu Chen, Feb 24, 2015

“Social has a significant influence on SEO, despite industry gurus suggesting otherwise.
Last year, Matt Cutts said in a YouTube video that Google didn’t count social media metrics such as likes or shares when ranking search results. But fast-forward 12 months and the landscape has changed, with social influencing all areas of search engine optimization, be it on the Web, mobile, or local. While Google doesn’t factor likes and retweets into its algorithm, it does use social to gauge what’s popular.”

…”If you focus on making good content, it will attract lots of engagement. That is what will get more and more people to click and soon enough, it will become more relevant to the search engine.”

Read full article at:

Search Engines focus on Quality, Trust, Popularity, and Unique Relevant Content. Make sure that your website and/or blog keeps the content up to date and you tie it together with social media updates. While it is alright to use some repeat content that you have found of value on social media, it is best to at least put your spin on it that adds some additional value to your followers.

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Let eRose Web & Business Services know how we can help you Make Your Business Bloom with Marketing Services for your business!

Stop and Smell the Roses…Remember to Enjoy being an Entrepreneur!

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Marketing Monday – Sharing Tips and Resources for Entrepreneurs

Sharing of Ideas with Entrepreneurs to grow your business with an ongoing series we call …Marketing Monday.


We encourage you the Entrepreneur to contribute to the conversation with ideas on what is working for your business and how you may be doing things different, so we can all learn and grow together.

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Marketing Monday for the American #Entrepreneur, learn or share ideas and strategies that #MakeBusinessBloom… “

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eRose Web and Business Services will compile ideas from experts and fellow business owners throughout America so we can all learn and adapt our businesses, to become more successful and Make Your Business Bloom in the the ever changing business environment of today.