Valentine’s Day Rose for your Website

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Valentine’s Day Rose for your Website

Are you happy with your relationship? Wait before you tell me to bug off…

What I mean is your relationship with your website of course!
While you may not be able to send your website roses you can send in eRose Web to analyze changes you need to more efficiently market your business online.

The internet is constantly changing and if you haven’t made updates to your website in years you really need to consider a redesign to make sure your website has the proper SEO, works well with smartphones, and integrates at least some social media. Not to mention making it as easy as possible for someone to know why they should do business with you, how to contact you and that you ask for the order!

If you are not happy with your website and digital marketing contact eRose Web today.

Send your website a Rose this Valentines Day!


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The Marketing Force Awakens – Trending Topics to Market Your Small Business

Have you seen the new #StarWars trailer for #TheForceAwakens, honestly it is more like #TheMarketingForceAwakens don’t get me wrong I am really looking forward to both the movie and maybe even learning some marketing techniques. In fact it is already starting, this is the first time I remember that the trailer says ‘Tickets On Sale’ now so far in advance of the actual release of the movie. Maybe I just didn’t pay attention to that before but it sure beats putting people in line at the Theaters for days before the first run of the #StarWars movie.

They knew there would be demand and they want to encourage that, which is very smart marketing. I am curious as to how many weeks it may be sold out and how many people buy multiple tickets (to either try to resell or to see the movie dozens of times in the theaters in 3D).

Unless there is a drastic change in marketing strategy I know there will be an upcoming deluge of cross promotion for quite a few months. All the fast food places and big box stores will be promoting their connection to the movie. Your soda cup for the next 4-6 months will have a character from #TheForceAwakens, the checkout lines will be filled with #StarWars souvenirs.

Unfortunately most small businesses will be limited in being able to capitalize on the new Star Wars movie as the licensing fees associated limit the cross promotion to the big multi-national corporations. There will be some merchandising available without as much profit to the small businesses buying from the big wholesalers who have the license.

TrendingTopicTuesday750However there are always creative ways to capitalize on the latest trends, especially now with social media outlets. Your small business can make a short video without any official Star Wars footage or images that brings you attention with some creativity so it links the theme of the movie to your products or services. Maybe even go the opposite direction…if your prospects may be likely to get tired of all the hype start with a connection to them that your products and services will never have a Star Wars character on them, you are safe to use our services without hearing about the Star Wars hype, etc.

The key in marketing is to find your niche and to connect to your community of clients and future clients, whether that means keeping up on the latest trending topics like Star Wars or staying away from them get to know what your target audience wants…and give it to them in a memorable way.

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Stop and Smell the Roses…Remember to Enjoy being an Entrepreneur!


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Is Mass Marketing Dead? Does One to One Marketing Rule?

MassMarketing350As far back as 1993 some marketing pioneers, namely @DonPeppers and @Martha_Rogers, predicted the rise of “The One to One Future” due mainly to rapidly advancing technology. I don’t know if even they saw the full extent of what one to one marketing was going to become in the decades that followed. (They do continue to provide numerous books and resources on this theme for small business entrepreneurs like us to keep improving our marketing.)

Despite the rise of social media, mass marketing is still very much in the conversation…if you need proof just try to get an advertising spot during the Super Bowl. However, even the mass marketing of big budget advertisements will typically integrate with social media to draw consumers into the one to one buyer-driven marketing that dominates today with the widespread acceptance and use of social media and smartphones.

OneToOneMarketing350With one to one marketing you don’t sell the same features and benefits of your products and services to everyone the same way, you get to conduct many different conversations and build relationships to meet the variety of needs of your customers.

The key to marketing today is using the tools that are available to make your business available to your clients where they are. For example many television viewers are able to find ways to skip the advertisements; many consumers are looking to friends or trusted sources for recommendations or to conduct their own research before contacting a company for their services or products.

The first step in effective marketing is to determine who your target audience is, then determine what interests they may have and where they may look to get recommendations. Once you know their specific interests and what types of social media they frequent you can focus your efforts on providing the resources they need to research your product or services.

DigitalMarketing300If possible find out who are the trusted sources of information for their particular interests, whether they are in the mainstream media, bloggers, social media, etc and begin to reach out to those people. Start by sharing out their info, ask them for more resources on that topic, try to add value to the conversations they begin (don’t just jump in and ask them to promote your product or service). Consumers and these experts typically do not react well to the hard sell.

In mass marketing the goal is increased market share, but for one to one marketing the goal should be for the share of the individual customer. In other words your goal is to ensure each customer who buys your product or service buys more from you, buys only from you, for all the products and services you provide!

Identify your best customers – don’t forget the Pareto Principle, 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your customers. Pay the most attention to the needs of these 20% of your customers especially on a one to one basis with special offers and loyalty rewards.

If you have teams, make sure that the teams are structured around your clients and not around your different products and services, marketing is buyer driven these days. Each team should be responsible for customers with similar interests and cross selling your various products to those consumers. Build relationships between your customers and a specific team. Don’t make them deal with different teams of people based on different products they want. Relationship and brand come first to keep loyalty of your clients long-term.

In summary while mass marketing is still everywhere you look, especially used by the large multi-national companies, one to one relationship marketing has allowed smart entrepreneurs and small business owners like yourself to compete for relevance even with small marketing budgets. Today the consumer demands attention and those who provide them with what they want, whether that be information or a product or service to solve their challenges will benefit from the new age of marketing. If you don’t know your client, get to know them and what they want, they might give you great ideas on expanding your line of products and services to add more value to your customers and improve your bottom-line.

Stop and Smell the Roses…Remember to Enjoy being an Entrepreneur!