Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM):


  • Increased Visitors to Your Website
  • Find new prospects – generate leads
  • Additional Opportunities for Google and other search engines to put you in front of more people
  • Increased Branding
  • Reach Consumers through Smartphones
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Market Research
  • Target by Interests
Social media marketing establishes a strong connection between your small business and your future client, in a way that increases loyalty to your brand. It is critical for your businesses to be accessible to your customers and social media is great way to capitalize on this need to be connected, thus allowing you and your clients to both benefit from the online conversation.

Every Entrepreneur should incorporate as a portion of any marketing plan a strong digital marketing presence including social media marketing (SMM). The way in which your business participates and what platforms you utilize depends on your target audience and the culture of your business. Small Business can especially benefit from Social Media Marketing (SMM) in that enables you to extend your reach to new clients, many times at a lower cost than some of the traditional marketing methods.

Digital marketing is constantly changing; years ago we had many small business clients that we told they would not get enough ROI on the time invested into social media. The bare minimum for small business marketing used to be a listing in the yellow pages, then the minimum changed to at least an informational website, now that minimum standard is to have a digital presence so you can be found through social media as well as through Google.

While Google searches for small business still dominate with desktops, much of the searching done on smartphones is split between Google and the major Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.

Many people want recommendations or referrals from friends or trusted resources while searching for whom to do business with, even many fellow entrepreneurs. Social Media provides this community where people share their experiences and can help you promote your business, assuming you serve them well and make it easy to spread the word.

eRose Web Social Media Marketing services help you determine the best strategy to get the benefits of your business in front of your target audience to help make your business bloom.

Every Business has different needs and unique combinations of services to maximize returns so we customize a proposal just for your business.

Here is a sample of the types of services we offer for social media marketing:

  • Social Strategy – planning the what, where, when, why, and how of your marketing plan
  • Content Creation – creating unique content to demonstrate value to your target audience
  • Branding – Integrating your brand with consistency in your SMM
  • Various Social Media Outlets – Using different platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ to help maximize your results.
  • Social Advertising – Promote your social media to new prospects with paid ads to increase your reach more quickly.

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Additionally we can create Blogs, Redesign Websites, Landing Pages, SEO services, Custom Graphics, Photography, Videos and much more…

Participate in eRose Web Social Media Marketing

As a part of our increased social media presence we are going to be sharing some themed content, some of which allows us to highlight and put a spotlight on the businesses and organizations we work with and network with. We will be having some regular features on social media and our blog and are always looking for unique valuable content we can share that can add value to fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Marketing Monday – we will share tips and articles on how to better market your business
Trending Topic Tuesday – what is hot in business or on the internet that can benefit small business

Website Wednesday– sharing a client website or web resources and links for small business

Thinking Thursday – Inspiration and Quotes to Make Your Business Bloom

Featured Follower Friday – highlight a follower of eRose Web that we feel has benefit to our clients