Content Marketing

ContentMarketingTips325Getting stuck on what to add to your website, social media, or email newsletters to keep your customers and prospects coming back for more?

Content Creation
Creating text, graphics, video, audio and photo optimization for your website should follow specific guidelines and formatting in order to help you maximize your results.

Save yourself time and effort. We want you to focus on what you do best, running your business; we can develop all the content for your website. We learn about your business and what makes you unique compared to your competition and write content in a format that is customized for your future clients and performs well with the major search engines.

We research your business and industry and create custom content for your review including writing for the web, researching keywords, and creating graphics that tell your story which helps you sell to your future clients.

Writing for the Web
Writing the text for your website should not be handled the same way as it is for print marketing. Typically, your clients and prospects will not be reading your entire website. What people do is scan your website for what benefits they will get from using your products and services.

By writing your website content with a marketing focus, we can really set your website above the rest in terms of results. This is what makes us different from other web designers and developers who rely on you to spend a lot of your valuable time writing up information for your website.

Save yourself the time and effort of providing content for your website. Call us for a quote today at 866-912-5666.

Content Management
ContentManagmentDiscussionWhile many of our clients do not have a marketing department or even employees who are trained in website marketing, we provide options for you to maintain your own website if you choose. This is especially important to some of the organizations we have worked with that have various contributors to sites from different departments. We can customize a Content Management System (CMS) to allow for easier updates and even train your staff on how to make these changes. We have implemented sites on a few different CMS software programs, depending on our clients’ needs. Typically we have found that WordPress or Drupal allow the most flexibility in both functionality and design. Of course, we are always available as a backup and to make periodic updates and design changes.

So even if you want to have eRose Web & Business Services make most of your updates (and we pride ourselves on fast turnaround on your changes). We can provide options for you to use either a CMS or even Social Media to make fast and easy updates when necessary.

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