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Keeping in touch with your clients and prospects by providing regular communication is necessary to succeed in business in today’s digital world. We know that your time is best spent on the aspects of the business that you do best. We offer services around what we do best, Marketing! Save yourself some time and possibly aggravation and find out how eRose Web & Business Services can provide services such as design and copy writing for eMail newsletters, promotions, client surveys and much more. Our focus is to communicate the advantages and benefits that your clients receive from working with or buying from you while saving you time to be more productive!
eMail Marketing Services

  • Stay in Touch with your customers needs!
  • Build strong, lasting relationships
  • Extend Your Branding (Customized Banners and Designs)
  • Offer Specials or Updates
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Online Newsletters
  • Opt-in eMail Marketing for clients and prospects
  • Automated Lead Follow Up Options

Remind your clients and prospects you want to solve their challenges with your products and services, open the lines of communication to find out what else they need (and upsell)! eMail Marketing from eRose Web & Business Services, allows you to continue or even begin an ongoing dialogue with your customers, members, or prospects to build strong, lasting relationships.

Constant Contact Partner


eRose Web partners with Constant Contact® in order to provide you all the advantages they offer, with additional integration and marketing services for a full service solution.

Email Marketing by Constant Contact® together with eRose Web is the easy, effective, and affordable way to get your message out to your customers or future customers.

Professional, high-impact emails— you’ll build strong connections with your audience that lead to referrals, repeat business and loyalty.

Email Marketing offers you features like:

  • A wide range of email template layouts and designs, that eRose Web can customize for a branded solution for your specific needs.
  • Highly visual, professional-looking email newsletters and promotions.
  • Tools to drive more traffic to your website with focused, targeted email communications.
  • Build and manage your email list: import existing customer lists, add names individually, or capture contact information from website visitors.
  • Measure your email campaign results instantly-check click-through rates, review new subscribers, and see who opened and clicked on each link so you can tailor your follow-up communications.
  • Send automated communications to new sign-ups via the Autoresponder tool.
  • Communicate with your audience with confidence, knowing that Constant Contact will take care of getting your email delivered and keep you CAN-SPAM compliant.

One Toolkit. One source for all your online marketing.
The Constant Contact Toolkit along with eRose Web is a great way to achieve fast, easy, and affordable email and online marketing to reach your goals. Toolkit brings all of the marketing a small business needs together in one convenient place: it has key marketing campaigns, contact management, list growth tools and coaching to engage and grow your audience across email, social, web, mobile, and more. Combined with the marketing and content development experience of eRose Web all your marketing can work together for improved ROI.

Newsletters and Announcements
Whether you’re looking to increase revenue through an online promotion, promote an event, increase your social media presence, or just stay in touch with your audience, email marketing is an effective tool that will power your business’s growth. We can coach you through getting set up, help you get your first campaign out, or handle it all for you.

Facebook Fan Promotions
Grow your fan base and create social word of mouth with a Facebook Fan Promotion. By running an online sweepstakes, coupon, or providing a piece of downloadable content on your Facebook page, we can help you grow your audience and keep them interested in your business.

Offers & Promotions
Drive sales and revenue for your business by creating an online coupon that is trackable, redeemable, and shareable. We’ll develop a strategy for promoting it through email, social media marketing, and your website.

Events & Registrations
Let eRose Web manage all of the details for your next event. We’ll create a professionally-designed landing page complete with all of your branding and event details, manage your registration, and collect all of your payments through one seamless experience for your customers. You can focus on making the event experience a great one, we’ll handle the rest.

Feedback & Surveys:
eRose Web understands that great marketing starts with knowing your audience and discovering what they like most about your business. We’ll build you an interactive online survey or poll that delivers meaningful results–and this feedback will allow us to create effective marketing campaigns around what your audience really wants.

Discover how the power of Email Marketing by Constant Contact can help you better connect with your customers, strengthen your relationships with them, and grow your organization.

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