Search Engine Optimization

Entrepreneurs, have you ever asked yourself…
YourBusinessSEOchartHow come more people have’t been coming to my website?
When I look up my products or services how come I can’t find them on the first page of Google?

…If you have then you need Search Engine Optimization for your website or landing page!

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
SEO combines many factors but one of the major ways you can move your website listing higher in search engines like Google is through quality content with the right keywords and phrases. First some research needs to be conducted to figure out how your target audience would most likely search to find you. Once you know the right keywords and phrases these should be integrated into your website content in a way that reads easily for your prospects but is repeated enough (but not too much) for the search engines to see that those keywords are indeed the focus of your website.

What else can you do to improve your SEO and Google PageRank?
Having links to your website from other sites in your industry or trusted sources can be great, especially if the links to your website contain the keywords that you want be relevant on, this can include business listing with a Chamber of Commerce, Vendor Websites, Industry Organization Websites, and so on. It is important to list your business with Google and the other major search engines. Check out our blog article on making sure your business is listed on Google. It is also critical to have some sort of presence on social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ with links to your website on your company profiles and on content you share through social media (also integrating those keywords).

PeekatInfo400While many small businesses do not have the budget necessary to fully optimize their website on a continual basis, there are many strategies and options available to help you compete and be found more easily. When we design a website for a client we make sure we make the website search engine friendly so the important elements of the site are not hidden from the search engine (for example your tagline or benefits added as part of a graphic where the search engines don’t see the most important keywords.) Another solution we have implemented for many clients are landing pages. SEO Landing pages are usually 1-3 page websites specifically focused on a few specific keywords and phrases to help improve your results in that area. These could be for a particular product, location, target audience, or whatever we decide together would bring in the most profitable leads. They link back to your main website to further help your SEO for that website as well.

As a business owner you know the importance of multiple marketing outlets and trying various marketing campaigns to find out which bring you the best ROI. At eRose Web, We enjoy learning about your business and what sets you apart from your competitors so we can help you create and implement strategies for powerful calls to action in your marketing to increase sales and profits.

Be careful, there are many companies that offer SEO but they use deceptive practices, also called Black Hat SEO. These techniques may get you short-term improvements but could lead to your website being removed from the search engines entirely. We believe that common sense practices of focusing on great content for your clients is the best technique because that is what the goal of the search engine algorithms is all about, trying to provide the best unique content to people searching, so that is our philosophy as well. SEOplan350We bring a marketing focus to our websites, SEO and social media services to write and share the best most valuable content so you can be a resource to your future clients.

In summary, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combination of many factors to help place your website higher in the search results on the various Search Engines, like Google and Bing. When we create a custom website for our clients, we design with the search engines and your future clients in mind. We provide keyword research to analyze the best words and phrases to use in your content in order to get your website found in the most appropriate areas of your business. We also implement many coding and marketing techniques such as meta tags, site maps, alt tags, and more to help you rank well in the major search engines.

Let’s talk about how we can help your marketing with SEO and Content Creation to Make Your Business Bloom. Contact us today!

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