Website Design

ResponsiveWebDesign500Want to freshen up your site and make sure it looks good and works effectively on all the technology devices your future customers use to find you?

Whether your goal is to drive interest through your website and digital marketing or you just want to close the sale with prospects who want to check you out online before they buy…having a customized professional marketing focused website can make all the difference.

eRose Web offers a variety of website solutions from making minor adjustments on WordPress to a fully customized SEO website that adjusts to the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones. We have a marketing background and make sure that is the focus for your small business website, unlike many competitors that approach websites from an IT or Art background, eRose Web is marketing-first!

MarketingCharts300You need to first prove you understand your prospects challenges and pain points so visitors will stick around long enough to learn more about your business and the solutions you can provide (for a profit of course.)

Our Process
We provide comprehensive but affordable packages, you simply have a conversation with us to let us know who your target audience is, what problems your products or services solve, as well as other background on your business and what you offer. From there we help you write up the content and submit it for your review to make sure we have properly presented your solutions in a benefits first format. (First people need to know what is in it for them, before they have any interest in the specifics of products and services you offer.) Our typical package option also includes a few design choices with variety of color and navigation options from which you choose the options you like and we complete another round or two of design revisions to best represent your culture and the voice of your business online.

Our Custom Tailored Packages Include

  • Writing and Editing Text for your website that focuses on what sets you apart
  • Custom Design around your current branding and marketing materials
  • Updating your images and photos to integrate on your website
  • Custom Images, Stock Photos, Digital Photography or slideshows to help tell your story visually
  • Research on your industry to help you enhance your results in the Search Engines, including SEO services depending on your marketing needs
  • Interactive Features, Social Media Icons, eMail Signup links, and Web Forms to Drive Prospects to You
  • Responsive designs to better adjust to that changing world of technology and various devices
  • eCommerce Shopping Cart set-up and integration
  • Ongoing Updates to keep your website SEO up-to-date and to help bring in new clients

Bring in new prospects by communicating what sets you apart on your website. A new or redesigned website can help make your business bloom by integrating all of your marketing efforts from the latest social media to landing pages to track your networking, print or mailing results.

SmallBusinessSuccess425eRose Web & Business Services will create a professional, comprehensive and affordable website package that works as your full-time salesperson to grow your bottom line! Our designs are built to adjust to various devices such as tablets and smart phones and we can offer full customization depending on your target audience.

We make the process easy for you and we make your websites easy for your clients to find you and the products or services of yours that they are searching for. We work with all industries and provide eCommerce Shopping Cart options to help you sell directly online.

Make the most of your marketing budget with a custom website package tailored to fit your budget and your goals. We provide a choice of customized packages to provide you with a package price that is locked in without ongoing hourly or hidden charges.

We work with you to give you the most value from your small business budget as well as effectively communicating your message with an easy-to-navigate website to help make your business bloom on the web.

Learn how we can help your marketing efforts with a new or redesigned website. Contact us today!