Marketing Monday: Golf Course Marketing in the Modern Age

Marketing Monday

Earlier this year I sat in the studio with Tony Leodora of GolfTalk Live to discuss how golf courses should update their marketing approaches to help promote their club.

Some of the important issues we covered can really apply to any type of business. Most importantly for small business is that the Mass Market appeal is dying (or dead). People are too cynical for a one size fits all marketing message. Marketing today is more focused on the one-to-one relationship with prospects and clients.

Tony Leodora & Ed Rose discuss Modern Marketing for Golf Courses

Golf courses or any business for that matter should focus on specific benefits to targeted niche demographics, or better yet direct communication geared towards an individuals needs. While Tony Leodora broadcasts on WNTP (and a few other stations), you need to broadcast on WIIFM! (What’s In It For Me).

For example when your course is targeting newer golfers then your message may be centered around the easy Par 3 holes and stories of amateur golfers getting a hole in one (making them feel the emotion so they want that for themselves.)

Then when your marketing is going to more experienced golfers, you likely want to change the focus to more of the challenge of the longer holes or the unique features at your club. Focusing on the benefits they want first and then how your course can provide that to them or “solve their problem”.

This can be applied to any industry, focus on the benefits first and then how you can provide solutions to challenges your clients and prospects face.

The interview discussing marketing was at the end of the show, if you want to listen to the full show the audio for the June 8th GolfTalk Live show is available below and all recent shows can be heard at