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Category: Trending Topic Tuesday

Trending Topic Tuesday – Cole Hamels Inspiration to be a ‘Quality Starter’ for your customers

TrendingTopicTuesday750We wrote on Sunday about Cole Hamels of the Philadelphia Phillies and business lessons to be learned, and we would like to continue that topic for Trending Topic Tuesday since the baseball world is buzzing with trade deadline talk about Hamels.

Cole Hamels is the hot topic for the week and top prize in baseball’s July 31, 2015 trade deadline. This doesn’t happen by mistake, Cole has worked very hard and has been a clutch performer in important situations, such as the 2008 Playoff and World Series Appearances, including being named the 2008 World Series MVP. Hamels has earned the accolades and praise, not from one almost perfect day this past Saturday but from many years of perfecting his craft. We should take his lead and apply his dedication and hard works to our own business (many of us do already, but sometimes it gets frustrating waiting 10-15 years to become that ‘overnight success’ story). Stay Dedicated and Focused!

QualityStarter500Quality Starts in baseball is a term defined as: a game in which the pitcher completes at least six innings and permits no more than three earned runs. That to me basically indicates consistency and preparation. Cole Hamels has historically had one of the best percentages of quality starts and some long consecutive streaks. I don’t know these statistics for the current year but given the fact that his teams defense isn’t what it was, his actual statistics this year don’t necessarily represent the quality of his starts.

Cole Hamels over his career has been very consistent in quality starts which indicates he must prepare for each team, checking out what batters he will be facing and what their strengths and weaknesses are so he can know come game time which pitches he should throw and when.

Did the no-hitter increase the Trade Value of Cole Hamels?
We posed the question in our previous blog…‘The question arises…does this no-hit bid just increase the value the Phillies will get in a trade or does it convince the Phillies that he is too valuable to trade?’

In listening to some pundits they think Cole Hamels will be traded to a pennant-contending team this week and while this one game will not increase his value it does reassure the general managers of his potential new team that even though Hamels has struggled during some recent games, he is still healthy and has all the tools for success when he has a good defense behind him.

Personally I disagree with those pundits, if there was some suspicion that Hamels was not healthy a team looking to win this year would not pay as much to get Hamels, even though they would acquire his rights for another four years I don’t think they would give up as much. Once he showed that he can be dominating right now I think he got the attention of a lot of GM’s that need that little bit extra this year to improve their odds on winning it all – they would likely to give up more prospects, especially considering they would get four more years from a proven consistent starter.

It should be an exciting week in Major League Baseball, the trades have begun with Cueto, Victorino, Tulowitzky and quite a few others changing teams the races are heating up. As you watch the events in the MLB unfold this week (or hear about them in your quick review of the news while you are busy dedicating yourself to perfecting your own craft), remember to strive towards your own quality start consecutive streak. Prepare so that every day you can add value to the lives of the customers you serve, because to quote Zig Ziglar…You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want!

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Trending Topic – Phillies’ Cole Hamels No-Hitter 07/25/15 – Business Lessons and Inspiration

What can Entrepreneurs and small business owners learn from the No-Hitter by Cole Hamels and the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday 7/25/15? Actually there are many lessons: persistence, hard work, striving for perfection of your craft, loyalty to employees who have performed well, changes in management for improved results…you can probably name some others as well.

HamelsFirstNoNo500If you are a baseball fan, like I am, then you know that the Phillies have had a bad year up to the all-star break in 2015. They currently have the worst record in baseball but a few years ago they were regularly winning their division, playoff games and even the World Series in 2008. Recently they changed Managers where Ryne Sandberg, Hall of Fame Player (for the Cubs I might add) stepped down and Pete Mackanin took over for the rest of 2015.

After the MLB All-star break the Phillies have won 7 of the 8 games they played! It is probably a coincidence that this happened in Sandberg’s old haunt, Wrigley Field, or is it? The Phillies seem to have renewed spirit…it is important in life and in business to find a way to renew your energy and passion for your business even after going through the worst of times. This is what the Phillies seem to be doing under new manager Pete Mackanin. Despite the hardships of the year the Phillies have found new life and energy to once again compete like they used to in the not so distant past.

If you have had some setbacks in your business where you are putting forth the same or additional efforts but have not been getting the good results, the key is persistence and attitude, follow the example of Cole Hamels and the Phillies. The last 2 outings Hamels had a 19.89 ERA (if you don’t follow baseball, FYI that is really bad), this from the 2008 World Series MVP, but Hamels is a professional and kept a good attitude despite the difficulties, he found a way to shake it off, keep working hard until his performance once again matched his efforts.

One of my favorite sayings is “Luck is the corner where preparation meets opportunity” Cole was prepared and on Saturday the opportunity appeared, for Cole to get the only the 3rd No Hitter of the year in the MLB (Heston and Scherzer also had no-hitters this year), and the 13th in the long history of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Back to the game itself…

It was a day that started like many others this year for the Phillies, Cole Hamels had issued a walk with the first 5 pitches of the game, the second batter hit a ball really long that the Chicago faithful thought might leave the yard for a homerun.

…today would be different…

The wind was blowing in, so that long fly ball just became out number one. The Phillies had an opportunity for a double play on the next batter, while they didn’t convert it, they got lucky again because the force play at 2nd base looked questionable but was not eligible for review. Then Cole Hamels struck out the next batter for the 3rd out in the first inning.

The first hitter of the second Hamels puts away with a 96 mph fastball. Then a routine ground out to third and another strikeout on a fastball. This for a pitcher who himself said he has been ‘in a rut’ lately.

HowardOnDeck350The Cubs walk the Phillies Rookie who has been on fire, Mikel Franco, and pitch to Ryan Howard with 2 out and 2 on, Ryan promptly hits a 3 run homer in which gives the Phillies the runs they need to support Cole Hamels outing. This is the lesson in loyalty…Ryan Howard had been an integral part of the winning years in the not so distant past of the Phillies. In the off season he had been bad mouthed by the General Manager, as not being a valuable part of the team. The Phillies organization had stuck with Howard this year after all and he has been regaining some of his power numbers, and came through when needed in this game of historical importance.

Hamels gets his 4th strikeout to start the 3rd, then a weakly hit ball back to Cole for a groundout, and a routine groundout to shortstop…8 in a row retired by Hamels. A nice performance, but too early at this point to get excited (don’t get me wrong I still was excited, did I mention I am a fan of the Phillies and they have the worst record currently…it is nice to have a little something to hold on to).

All the while the scouts from other MLB teams are taking note of Hamels performance…
(The question arises…does this no-hit bid just increase the value the Phillies will get in a trade or does it convince the Phillies that he is too valuable to trade?)

Cole lays down a perfect bunt to get the runner over in the 4th (showing good control with the bat as well as pitching the ball). The 4th Inning for the Cubs starts with a strikeout on an 80 mph curveball, then a fly out to right field, and finally a strikeout on an 86 mph change-up. You start to get the sense that today is a good day for Cole and a bad day for Cub hitters, 80 mph curveballs and 96 mph fastballs…how can you make that adjustment in unless you guess right.

5th Inning starts with 2 fly outs to right, then a good running catch by the center fielder for the 3rd out.

6th Inning starts with Hamels 7th and 8th strikeouts for 16 straight batters retired, followed by another walk to lead-off hitter, (for the 2nd walk of the game both to the same batter) Fowler who steals 2nd, then Hamels records his 9th strikeout on a cutter. A brief mention by the announcers that he has not allowed a hit.

While the Phillies bat in 7th Cole sits calmly next to Chooch, Carlos Ruiz, “Chooch” his catcher who has caught 3 other No Hitters in his career to that point (4 total now!).

Cubs half of the 7th inning starts with a batter fishing for the change up for Hamels 10th strikeout, then frustrating the next batter who broke his bat over his knee after striking out (#11), then Hamels gets a 12th strikeout to finish the 7th – his longest no hit outing of his career to date. (He had pitched 6 no hit innings as part of a combined no-hitter by the Phillies on 9/1/14).

Then in the 8th inning the Cubs decide to give the Phillies a couple more runs with a bloop by Freddy Galvis with one on, that turns into an inside the park homerun, officially a double with 2 errors. Then Hamels flashes his own bat with a double out to the ivy at Wrigley (What a day!).

In the 8th inning after hitting and running the bases, Hamels induces a fly out to right, followed by a scary out at the back of the warning track in centerfield, and finally a sharply hit ball back to Hamels, where Cole got to show he is a good defensive player as well. Cole had it all going, arm, bat, glove!

In the Phillies half of the 9th Howard hits a deep ball for that bounces for ground rule double over the ivy covered fence. While Howard did not score, it is great to see the power of his bat that we missed the last couple of years.

Back to Hamels, Cole starts out the 9th inning with an exciting infield ground out, then Fowler who has walked twice takes a called strike 3, the crowd in Chicago is on their feet…

…a full count PhilliesWin250with 2 outs in the 9th a no-hitter on the line

FinalScoreWrigley300…then a ball hit deep where the outfielder over runs it and falls

…but somehow he stills comes up with the ball to save the No-Hitter for Hamels.

On a 94 degree day, Win #114 for Hamels Career goes down in the history books. The cubs prior to the game had the longest stretch without giving up a no-hitter which stood at 7,920 consecutive games, about 50 years ago was the last I believe by Sandy Koufax.

Wishing you as much success in your business as Cole Hamels is having for his baseball career. I encourage us all to take the example, keep working on perfecting the products and services you provide to your customers. Keep a positive attitude through the tough times to Make Your Business Bloom!

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Trending Topic Tuesday ‘Your Business’ on MSNBC – Intellectual Property Dangers

TrendingTopicTuesday750Trending Topic Tuesday today discusses: How not doing research on your brand or logo can result in a cease and desist letter and possible litigation!!

MSNBC’s Your Business program had an important lesson on this topic on Sunday…see video clip below:

This show has many other good tips for Entrepreneurs with a variety of business experts. In my opinion there are not enough good shows on television featuring Entrepreneurs and Small Business that actually give good tips and advice for the typical small business. One of my favorites was ‘We Mean Business’ which in my opinion was not on for nearly long enough, and actually walked through some important issue to help Make Business Bloom. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of Shark Tank and the Profit but would love to replace most of the ‘Reality’ shows that add no value to my life with business shows that actually teach as well as entertain.

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Viral Video Sensation, Grammar Champ, & Entrepreneur: Weird Al

TrendingTopicTuesday750What’s hot this summer? Believe it or not: Weird Al Yankovic!

There are many things that Entrepreneurs can learn from Weird Al including his current social media viral video success.

His YouTube videos ( are getting in the tens of millions of views and apparently it is the first time he has hit the Number 1 spot on the music charts, despite many prior successes.

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic hits No. 1 with ‘Mandatory Fun’
By Todd Leopold, CNN
…”{Yankovic’s album sales were no doubt boosted by the videos he released for each song on the record, a number of which have gone viral. YouTube has set aside a whole row for Yankovic videos on its “Popular on YouTube” page, including “Word Crimes” — a parody of “Blurred Lines” that’s received more than 10 million views — and “Foil,” a parody of “Royals” that’s topped 12 million views. The king of musical parody also has made an excellent showing on Spotify’s “Viral 50” chart of most-streamed songs. He currently holds the top four slots with “NOW That’s What I Call Polka,” “Handy,” “Word Crimes” and “Foil.”}”
See full Article and Interview at:

True Entrepreneur
‘Weird Al’ is the personification of a true Entrepreneur, persistence, longevity, dedication to his craft. Like many Entrepreneurs he found a niche and worked hard to succeed in it. He now dominates his category of song parodies. I don’t know for sure if he had a lot of competitors in the parody category (I haven’t heard many others but imagine there were quite a few other imitators over the decades) but either way his hard work, creativity, dedication to his vision, and persistence has resulted in his ultimate success.

My own personal side note – I have a long time respect for Weird Al and my wife is a huge fan. We have been to quite a few of his concerts over the years and actually planned a vacation to Albuquerque one year to see him perform there in concert. He always entertains and makes me laugh with his comic genius. Anywho back to the point…

Adapting to the Times
Not only has he adapted to the times with current music of the day but also with the way he promotes and markets his work. The decision to go directly to social media and release his music videos for the latest album (I guess that is what is still called) has paid off handsomely. He released a new video each day to create a buzz of anticipation for the next video and let the consumer decide which of the songs and videos they liked best or would be most popular (instead of promoting to music channel and radio station executives).

Better Communication from the Grammar Champ, Weird Al

One of his videos, Word Crimes, shown here can teach your ‘millennial’ generation employees a few lessons on grammar, for example to avoid use of texting shortcuts throughout their communication with prospects and clients. He not only brings humor to bad grammar, but illustrates the importance of proper communication, something that is critical in business success.

Weird Al’s ‘Word Crimes’ Could Actually Make You a Better Communicator
By Jason Fell
…”{Communication is a critical element of what entrepreneurs and other business professionals do each day. How you use language to communicate — and whether you do it correctly — can be a major reflection on you personally as well as your brand. Apparently musician-parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic thinks so, too. His latest music video is called “Word Crimes.” In it, he calls out some of his biggest pet peeves when it comes to spelling and grammar. (It’s a parody of the Robin Thicke song “Blurred Lines.”)}”
Read this article at

More Grammar for Business
While we are on the topic we found another good article to help your organization improve on writing in a business environment.

6 Grammatical Errors That Need to Stop Now
By Jonathan Long
…”{You should be a grammar stickler for many reasons. Do you want to risk turning off potential clients, employers and connections because of grammatical mistakes? Many people are so concerned with what they are saying in an email or text message that they completely forget to pay attention to how they are saying it. If you chose to turn grammar mode off when you are communicating with friends, that is one thing, but there is absolutely no reason to send a professional communication that contains errors.}”
Read the details on six grammatical errors that are so simple, yet such common offenders at:

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Stop and Smell the Roses…Remember to Enjoy being an Entrepreneur!

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Trending Topic Tuesday

What’s hot in social media and what can we learn as Entrepreneurs from it to improve our business?


eRose Web and Business Services will be tracking the top trends on Social Media and sharing our thoughts on the lessons that can be learned to apply to your business.

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