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Marketing Monday – Mind Tricks to Maximize Marketing Results

MarketingMonday750Attract and Engage your target audience the right way with some tips and tricks by learning a little more about the human brain and how it responds consciously or unconsciously to your marketing efforts.

We want to share a good article we found at Entrepreneur Magazine ( to help you continue to improve your marketing efforts for your Small Business.

6 Secrets About the Human Brain That Will Make You a Better Marketer
Knowing how the mind processes information and images can help you send the right message.
By Ann Handley, August 28, 2015

“Knowing how the human mind processes information and images—and putting that knowledge to use—can help you become a more engaging and effective marketer.”

“Researchers in a new(ish) field of study are trying to figure out how our hard-wired preferences affect the decisions we make. Neuromarketing research is ‘the systematic collection and interpretation of neurological and neurophysiological insights about individuals using different protocols, allowing researchers to explore nonverbal and unconscious physiological responses to various stimuli for the purposes of market research,’ according to the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association.”

“It’s critical to understand these predispositions, to know how our minds process information and images.”

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Some of the key points of the article are first understanding that the human brain is basically primitive you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression and that impression is typically a gut instinct so make sure you can get your message across quickly and without much thought involved initially. Which leads into the fact that brains process about 90 percent visually so make sure you use a good image as part of your content whether it be an article, post, video, or any other marketing option. When using images it is important to use faces to get people to connect and also to consider the right colors for your message. (See another blog article we did on colors and their message.)

Labels and word choice are also critical to the initial emotional response to your small business marketing. Consider the perception especially on the key words you use. Another trick is to incorporate the innate human desire to belong as part of your community building and calls to action.

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