Marketing Services for Businesses and Brands During All Stages of Business Growth.

WeMarketingMonday750 have been asked for more details about the Lightbulb Infographic we have been featuring on the website home page. This lightbulb with our logo represents the creative marketing services that eRose Web & Business Services provides, and the various colors represent the different stages of marketing and business growth and development.smallbusiness-image

We will review these stages here from the bottom of the lightbulb (Startup/Planning) to the top (Success) and as always we welcome your questions and feedback.

Branding ideas for logos, print, and web design to market for the future

The planning stage of a business, brand, product or new service requires more of a strategic focus to think ahead of where the road map for success lies in the long term; with custom logos, business card designs, product packaging designs, web packages for service or product focused SEO, and much more to help get you ready to spread the word about your venture.

Web design that is responsive on all screens and devices including smart-phones

Once you have determined the branding for your business it is critical to put forth a professional image that works well on all types of technology where people would look for your business. There are various screen sizes and different browsers interpret websites in unique ways, but Google remains the dominant search engine. For mobile devices like smartphones you need to make sure text is readable, buttons are easy to use, and you should consider that Facebook has gained considerable ground on Google for how websites are found. On launch it is important that you at least have your corporate pages set up on the major social media outlets like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and possibly others like Pinterest depending on the type of business you own.

Promote your new or redesigned website by adding Social Media and eMail Marketing

Now that you are officially in business or have launched your new line of products or services you need to spread the word, while an SEO optimized or at least keyword rich website can help get you started, a combination of strategies is usually required for optimal results. Combining Social Media and eMail Marketing and connecting them with your website is a great way to get your message out.

Constantly add new marketing outlets, expand your SEO and SMM

As you become profitable it is critical to continue to reinvest back into your own marketing. If you decide you are too busy to do marketing right now eventually this will catch up with you. It is much easier to maintain momentum in marketing, if you have to start over you likely will have to spend a lot more over the long term and still not get the results that you had been getting previously. Maintaining a steady presence on Social Media Marketing (SMM) and regular updates to your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go a long way to maintaining all the hard work you have put in as well as coordinate with any other marketing campaigns or advertising.

Communicate improvements to process, new products, added locations and services

After maintaining profitability you think about expanding your business by geography or new products or services. At this stage it is important to both maintain your profitability on the original products or locations and leverage that success with additional marketing to promote your expansion. You might consider additional SEO Landing pages, even separate social media accounts geared specifically for the expansion.

Stay ahead of your competition by evaluating and adding new marketing efforts

Congratulations you have maintained profitability and have established a significant share of your target market. Now to fend of the wolves or sharks, or whatever you call your competitors. Once you have reached the level of success you wanted for your business it may seem like it is even more difficult to maintain, much less gain more ground. It takes a great deal of marketing effort to make sure you stay ahead of all the competitors that see your success and want a piece of it.

At this level continued excellent customer service is required, including through social media and extra features on your website. Keeping top of mind in your clients and prospects minds is critical to remind them of why you are better than all the pretenders gunning for your business.

We hope that whatever stage of business you are in you consider the unique marketing that may work best to Make Your Business Bloom. Marketing is not static and what works well one year may not work as well the next. It is important to test new marketing avenues to see what works for your business and that connects you to your target audience of customers. Contact eRose Web & Business Services today at 866-912-5666 or for an evaluation of your marketing needs and a no obligation proposal with package options geared towards giving you the best value for your marketing budget.

Stop and Smell the Roses…Remember to Enjoy being an Entrepreneur!