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FollowerFriday750Today our Featured Follower Friday puts a spotlight on Doug and Polly White (@letgotogrow), a husband and wife duo that help Make Your Business Bloom with HR, Productivity, Finance, Sales and many other business related tips and articles on their blog … http://www.dougandpolly.com/blog

About Doug & Polly White (@letgotogrow): Writers for @entmagazine, small business experts, serial entrepreneurs, best-selling/award-winning authors, and speakers based in Richmond Virginia.

Follower Featured Blog article snippet:
How can I overcome a sprawling to-do list?
TimeMoney275“…we fight … to manage our time and tasks. If you have a to-do list, you are ahead of the pack. But, there are ways to make your list and time management plans more effective.
Here are a few tips that will be helpful.
Prioritize the list …
Estimate how long each item on your list will take to complete …
Use your calendar …
Don’t pack your schedule
Get help …
…Time is your most valuable commodity and the quantity is limited. Your personal productivity may be the difference between success and bankruptcy. Implementing these tips will help you achieve your full potential.”

Read full article at: http://www.dougandpolly.com/personal-productivity/331-how-can-i-overcome-a-sprawling-to-do-list

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