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FollowerFriday750Featured Follower Friday puts the spotlight on one of our twitter followers, Carson V. Heady (@cvheady007) who provides some informative sales tips for small business.

Carson V. Heady Sales Book

Carson V. Heady is an author of sales/leadership books including business conspiracy novel Birth of a Salesman, as well as a sales leader and management consultant.

Carson V. Heady has written a book entitled “Birth of a Salesman” that has a unique spin that shows you proven sales principles designed to birth in you the top producer you were born to be.

Carson V. Heady posts for “Consult Carson” serving as the “Dear Abby” of sales and sales leadership. You may post any question that puzzles you regarding sales and sales leadership careers: interviewing, the sales process, advancing and achieving. You will also be directly contributing to his third book, “A Salesman Forever.”

Learn more at: https://carsonvheady.wordpress.com/the-home-of-birth-of-a-salesman-2010-published-by-world-audience-inc-and-the-salesman-against-the-world-2014/

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