Thinking Thursday featuring Entrepreneur I.Q.

The goal with Thinking Thursday is to inspire Entrepreneurs like yourself to think about how to grow your business.


Thinking Thursday will often feature an Inspirational Quote, what we like to call – Entrepreneur I.Q. meant to reinvigorate your mind and spirit or make you think about how to improve your business.

We will also feature articles for you to consider new ways of doing business, improving Operations, HR, Finance, or any aspect of business outside of Marketing (which will be covered on Marketing Monday). As with all our topics we encourage your participation and topics that you feel would be of interest to yourself and other small business owners.

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Thinking Thursday featuring Entrepreneur I.Q. and articles to consider new ways to #MakeBusinessBloom …

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 Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you about ways to help your fellow Entrepreneur to Make Business Bloom.


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