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Trending Topic Tuesday – #BlackMonday the Stock Market and it’s Effect on Small Business

TrendingTopicTuesday750If you are reading this it means you ‘survived’ #BlackMonday, congratulations!

The hot topic the last few days is the Chinese Market Crash and our own American Stock Market correction, especially the last couple of business days where there has been a significant sell-off. While I joke about ‘surviving’ #BlackMonday it is no laughing matter when our hard earned profits take a nose dive. I am not here to offer financial advice but instead to provide information and discuss how small business may or may not be affected and how to stay positive during difficult times.

Here is a link to an interesting article about how the economy overall shows signs of strength (giving us hope that this is just a normal cyclical stock market correction and not a sign of impending doom.) …Why the economy is OK, even if stocks aren’t

At least one positive result of this recent stock market drop could be continued low interest rates so small business can continue to take advantage of continued investment in expansion at current beneficial interest rates. See article…Is the Fed trapped Now? Rate hike remains elusive.

The important thing for us as Entrepreneurs is to keep our own businesses as strong as possible. As always look for the trends that may affect our specific business and then find the opportunities they provide. The stock market goes up and down all the time, so as much as we can try to keep your focus on growing your business and strengthening your local community to continue to Make Your Business Bloom!

Stop and Smell the Roses…Remember to Enjoy being an Entrepreneur!

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