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Website Wednesday – Online Courses for Small Business at

websitewednesday750A website that we use for a lot of online courses for both marketing as well as general business topics is is a great resource for online video courses on a wide variety of topics to make your business bloom and expand the knowledge of yourself or your employees.

In addition to a comprehensive collection of video courses for marketers, designers, photographers, animators and video production professionals, offers a variety of Business Topics for the small business. It allows you to track the progress of your employees on various office based software programs and even soft-skills. Some of the top business video courses they offer include:
Business Skills
Home + Small Office
Career Development
Computer Skills (Windows)
Operating Systems
Project Management
Word Processing
and much more

eRose Web has been very satisfied with the quality of the courses we have used on, while every company has different needs and employees with different comfort levels with technology, we wanted to share this resource for your small business clients who might not have been aware of it.

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