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websitewednesday750Communication with clients is critical to success in business, therefore some form of Customer relationship management (CRM) system should be used by everyone in an organization.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems enable Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to not only track contact with customers but also to tackle many issues of a small business like, client attrition and declining sales.

How can small business use CRMs? Some of the top features include Client Management, Profitability Tracking, Regulatory Compliance, Sales Strategy, and Improved Customer Service.

While we are not recommending any specific CRM, we are featuring Salesforce because it is one of the industry leaders. There are many options available so do your own research to decide which works best for your company for the features you need to Make Business Bloom.

SalesForceWeb500Features of

Update client information from anywhere on the go.

Seamless Integration to all of your devices ex. smartphone, wearable devices, tablets and PCs

Syncs and Integrates with existing software such as Microsoft Outlook which can create appointments and follow-ups with reminders to have an efficient experience, and to be productive and organized with you existing and potential clients information.

A great way to coordinate with telecommuting employees to share information or for when you ‘vacation’ and want to stay in touch with the business wherever you are. Communicate with each other on a group chat and message board to stay current on what’s happening in office from day to day.

Create a customized experience for each individual client with app creations and community boards for customers to ask questions and receive instant feedback or assistance.

Customers can get personalized alerts to their smartphones such as when there package arrives, or reminder times for their flight or car pickup.

Overall and other CRM’s are great tools to create a lasting impression and Make Your Business Bloom.

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