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Voice-Activated Tech: Should Your Small Business Listen or Join the Conversation for Growth?
HomePod at Apple #WWDC 2017

Can Voice Activated Speakers Improve the Bottom Line of your Small Business? And the Trending Tuesday Topic is… HomePod, bringing Siri into your home at Apple #WWDC 2017 Will these be primarily Entertainment Pods or Business Efficiency and Marketing Opportunities? As I discussed in a previous blog article (What Can Small Business Learn from Apple), Apple finds a way to Read more…

Tips on becoming ‘Marketing Rich’, it’s not just a philosophy!

Are you Marketing Rich? If you are not getting as much business as you would like today, there are many things you can do to become marketing rich…which will lead you towards a goal of being monetarily rich and spread your influence as well! Marketing Rich is both a philosophy and a goal! Marketing Rich Philosophy: Selling the solutions and Read more…