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Valentine’s Day Rose for your Website

Are you happy with your relationship? Wait before you tell me to bug off… What I mean is your relationship with your website of course! While you may not be able to send your website roses you can send in eRose Web to analyze changes you need to more efficiently market your business online. The internet is constantly changing and Read more…

The Marketing Force Awakens – Trending Topics to Market Your Small Business

Have you seen the new #StarWars trailer for #TheForceAwakens, honestly it is more like #TheMarketingForceAwakens don’t get me wrong I am really looking forward to both the movie and maybe even learning some marketing techniques. In fact it is already starting, this is the first time I remember that the trailer says ‘Tickets On Sale’ now so far in advance Read more…

Is Mass Marketing Dead? Does One to One Marketing Rule?

As far back as 1993 some marketing pioneers, namely @DonPeppers and @Martha_Rogers, predicted the rise of “The One to One Future” due mainly to rapidly advancing technology. I don’t know if even they saw the full extent of what one to one marketing was going to become in the decades that followed. (They do continue to provide numerous books and Read more…