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What Can Small Business Learn from Apple?


What Can Small Business Learn from Apple?

Recently Apple had its annual keynote conference where among other things it introduced the Apple Watch.

What can you learn from Apple as a small business owner? Here are some things we took note of:

Build Anticipation – Apple has an annual conference and they let people know ahead of time that there will be new and groundbreaking products coming out, but they provide only enough info to create interest. While most small businesses don’t have the research and development budget for new groundbreaking technology, you can certainly take from Apple a good way to create a buzz and roll out new products and services by putting out a few teasers first.

Provide Quality – Don’t just put a product or service out without planning. Make sure that your product will provide benefits to your clients and help solve problems that your clients may be having.

Simplicity – The beauty of Apple is how they use simplicity in the avenues they choose, for example adding a home or car kit, health & wellness applications…things that are universal and have enduring benefits and values.

Partnerships – Allowing other companies to get behind their products and do cross-promotion like integration with GM, Nest, etc. Small Business owners can similarly work with each other to find the overlap and pool their marketing resources.

Presentation – leading with benefits. Apple knows that business is about marketing and selling. They put their best foot forward and while they explain how the technology works they start with the glitz and glamour first then get into the details once they have grabbed our attention.

In short think outside the box to provide solutions for your clients that solve their problem and create a buzz with your marketing to get the best bang for your marketing dollar.

What can you apply to your business from the article or the lessons from Apple?

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