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SEO Tips for Small Business (from Shayna’s Corner in the eRose Web Newsletter)

Shayna, the eRose Web & Business Services Mascot, has been boning up on her SEO skills, here she is reviewing Website Magazine for tips and best strategies for Search Engine Optimization in 2015.

SEO tips for Small Business

Here are some ideas we want to share for your small business SEO…

Google loves content in its many forms; make sure your site has a lot of valuable content that your customers will like including text and relevant videos. Also keep your content fresh on your website and on social media. More and more search results are coming from social media and videos.

Responsive Design
With the widespread use of smart phones and tablets it is important not only to your users but also to search engine optimization that your website shows up well on all devices.

Maps and Local Directories
It is helpful to have your business registered with Google and Bing Places (aka Maps). Even if you are not looking to display your business address you can still show up well in keyword searches for your local area with these free online listings.

Social Media
Social Media can help build a community of followers and provide additional links for the search engines. A strong presence on social media together with a content rich website can also show your business to be an authority on your specific topic.

SEO is an ongoing and ever-changing process and it is often more of an art than a science, the most important thing for a small business, in our opinion, is to serve your clients well with easy to access and valuable content and you should come out ahead no matter what the SEO landscape looks like from month to month.

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