Start Now or you will never finish…Entrepreneur IQ

Taking action in business is one of the critical keys to success, while planning can be helpful there is a limit to its usefulness, especially if while you are planning someone else is building a dominant market share in your industry or local area.


This is our Entrepreneur IQ (Inspirational Quote) for Thinking Thursday…is there a project or new idea for your small business that you have been putting off?

The time is now to get started!

Personally, I have a tendency to over prepare and plan so that everything will be ‘perfect’ right from the start. I have recently been working on changing my focus to ‘excellence’ in the long-term. Perfection is not an attainable goal, and the important thing in life as in business is to get started, learn from your challenges and continue to improve on the road to excellence.

What is the project or goal that you have been putting off?

Get started right now and then send me a follow-up, thanks in advance for sharing!