Trending Topic Tuesday ‘Your Business’ on MSNBC – Intellectual Property Dangers

TrendingTopicTuesday750Trending Topic Tuesday today discusses: How not doing research on your brand or logo can result in a cease and desist letter and possible litigation!!

MSNBC’s Your Business program had an important lesson on this topic on Sunday…see video clip below:

This show has many other good tips for Entrepreneurs with a variety of business experts. In my opinion there are not enough good shows on television featuring Entrepreneurs and Small Business that actually give good tips and advice for the typical small business. One of my favorites was ‘We Mean Business’ which in my opinion was not on for nearly long enough, and actually walked through some important issue to help Make Business Bloom. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of Shark Tank and the Profit but would love to replace most of the ‘Reality’ shows that add no value to my life with business shows that actually teach as well as entertain.

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