Marketing Monday – Logo colors and what they say about your company.

MarketingMonday750The proper branding of your small business can often make a difference in your overall results, especially as you are getting started or undertaking a big marketing campaign. We ran across a short but helpful article with a great informative graphic that helps break down colors, fonts, and shapes in regards to how they are typically interpreted by people. Remember people usually make a buying decision based on emotion (and then later they back up their decision with the facts.) It is critical to make the right emotional connection with your prospects especially in these days where social media networks drive much of the business.

What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company (Infographic)
By Catherine Clifford from

“If you are building a company that depends on making people feel sexy and sophisticated, it’s probably going to confuse your consumers if you your logo is bright green.”

“That’s because different colors are associated with different feelings. Green conveys organic growth, the earth, nature, or feelings of caring. Meanwhile, black communicates feelings of sophistication, authority or seduction. Not convinced? Consider the green logo for Starbucks or Greenpeace and the black logos of Chanel or Sony.”

Review this interesting article with some powerful Infographics that help really explains how this is applied by many successful organizations…

Stop and Smell the Roses…Remember to Enjoy being an Entrepreneur!

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